Market On Middle

Market On Middle

Market On Middle


Environmental Transformation, LLC began as, and continues to be, a thriving Landscape Architecture and Construction business. We acquired our current location, 2130 Middle Road in Glenshaw, PA, in 2006. The property includes our historic greenhouses, which were established in the 1930’s and had been used for cut-flower farming for many years.

Because of our interest in agriculture and our desire to produce healthy, locally and sustainably grown and sourced food, we started growing our first crops in our greenhouses in the spring of 2007. Market on Middle naturally followed soon after, so we could provide our culinary herbs, vegetables and greens to our neighbors. Market on Middle continues to expand, offering many locally grown, prepared and sourced products.

Natural Growing Techniques

We care about the way things are grown. We know that when you use pesticides, you aren’t just affecting the people that eat the food you grow, but you are also affecting the cleanliness of the air and water that surrounds all of us. We use the organic model in all of our growing and we are committed to chemical-free growing in all our greenhouse operations. It’s important to us to keep our veggies and herbs natural and healthy so that you can be too!


The greenhouses were built to use light, naturally generated heat, and venting to maintain proper temperatures and growing environments. They have been restored to their former utility and use minimal amounts of electricity. We don’t use the extra energy it would take to heat them in the winter, rather we extend our season through the use of row cover, crop positioning, and choosing heartier varieties of plants. We have been experimenting with aquaponics, and have successfully grown watercress and kale using our system.